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People so often mask themselves, that what is real becomes difficult to discern;
Truth swirls and seeks its own port of entry.
            ~ Lao Tzu

Dragon II Entertainment Offers:

Vocal Enhancement  /  Recording Studio  /  Instruction

Why Dragon II Entertainment?

There are varying approaches to vocalization. What our organization utilizes is a holistic, Zen approach to developing vocal ability from the "inside out", namely Spectrum Vocal Dynamics™. This technology is simultaneously innovative yet timeless. It specifically targets weaknesses in the vocal apparatus while accenting inherent strengths.

Over the years, clients have maintained exemplary results with their vocal performance--as well as mentally, physically, and spritually--based on the utilization of the aforementioned techniques.

The personable nature of the instructors promotes an accessibility during and after hours so that the students feel comfortable throughout the learning process.

[Check out our Testimonials to see what our students have had to say!]

The Dragon's Lair

Here there be dragons

It takes a very special breed to do what we do with sound, voice, and music.
Come meet the dragons that stoke the flames!

   Doug Dee Anthony


Doug is the Founder of Dragon II Entertainment which trains individuals in the areas of Voice Acting, Singing, and, Public Speaking. Besides being a Vocal Coach, Doug is also a Vocalist/BMI-afiliated Songwriter and Music Producer. His self-produced record "In The Meantime" made its initial debut in 2003. Since then, he has lent his voice to over 300 projects, including promos for Star Trek, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Lost. He also provided commentary on a special edition of KTLA's Twilight Zone Marathon in its final year. Doug is currently seeking collaborators for his forthcoming album Love Maker.
   Mike Victory


Mike is the Founder of Victory Voices Studio [VictorysVox] and works as a collaborator for Aesir/Dragon II Entertainment. He also works as a drummer, a drum teacher at Perfect Timing Drums, as well as being a voice actor and vocalist; He even creates ringtones with percussive sounds and character impersonations. Based on his studies at Manhattan Christian College and Fuller Theological Seminary, Mike is inspired by influencing the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds who may otherwise be unable to study music and instrumentation. He's had many successes with this, particularly with Latino students who have long considered him their mentor.
  Carmen Cross

   Photographer/Graphic Designer

Carmen studied at both University of Redlands and UCLA, and acts as the official photographer and graphic designer for Aesir/Dragon II Entertainment when she's not busy using her graphical talents for other projects. She's also lent herself to a handful of spokesperson projects including becoming the product model on Doug's website. Additionally, Carmen works in conjunction with our video editor [Jerome Hardmon] at Life Media Pro. We're proud to have her working with us!
  Amie Rose Gearhart

   Social Media/Webmaster

Amie is the gal who put together the very page you're reading right now! She also is the voice of the social media accounts for Dragon II Entertainment, a voice actor, a streamer on Twitch, and a bountiful pun resource. She's studied voiceover under the tutelage of Doug, as well as Patrick Fraley and Mick Wingert, and is looking forward to putting that knowledge into play. Through the myriad of experiences she's had, Amie brings an eclectic mix of talents to us, and we're excited that she wrote her bio herself.

Vocal Instruction

We offer the following courses and services for budding and experienced voices:

Singing Instruction

If you've got what it takes [or even if you don't yet], we can help you improve your vocal dynamics. Work one-on-one with our instructor to refine your pitch, intonation, projection, and style.

Cold Reading

Casting directors want to take star players to the game. When you are brought before a producer or director, you are expected to hit the ground running.
If a Casting Director can shake you up by making changes in your character, or asking you to make different choices, you need us!

Voice Over

Venture into the world of voice-over, learn to motivate consumers, and jump-start your voice-over careeer by utilizing our technology and the techniques you learn from us!

Persuasive Speaking

Lose your fear of addressing the public and read through copy like a superstar. Vocal presence has, throughout history, been an integral part of human interaction. Under our tutelage, core focuses are utilized to the student in affirmative delivery.

Demo Production

Demo Production and Recording

To really show off your talents, you've gotta have a demo! For acting, it's film; for singing and voice-over, it's a good audio presentation. We combine digital and analog technologies to provide you with that necessary edge, from an original song to a commercial voice clip, we make it fast and easy.

Check out a handful of demos from our talented students!

   Alonzo Edwards
   Scott Hagen
   Marci Masson


And now, a few words from our students!

"Before my climb as an actress, Doug was my vocal coach. He has been a close friend of the family since my first acting jobs in my teens. He is a friend, and a professional."
~ Tamala Jones, Actress [Castle, The Tracy Morgan Show, and For Your Love]

"Your positive influence, motivation and teaching have given me the vocal skill I've been looking for. What you've taught me about pitch, intonation and vocal articulation has given me a greater understanding on how to approach vocalizing with style and confidence."
~ Warner Young, Creation Entertainment

"I cannot say enough in speaking to the expertise of Mr. Anthony. When I first began going to him for vocal and public elocution training, I lacked the necessary skills and confidence to address audiences; I would shrink away from public speaking."
~ Stephen J. Scanlan, Partner, Domino’s Pizza/Tri-John Pizza Inc.

"Doug teaches to not only strengthen yourself vocally, but mentally and spiritually as well. His holistic approach to vocalizing is a metaphysical marriage of mind and matter incorporating fundamentals of the vocal ABC's"
~ Barbara J. Laufer, Lead Vocalist of "Lesser Gods"

"Your thoughtful suggestions and exercises have resulted in improvements to my vocal articulation that has exceeded my expectations!"
~ Jim Carr, Manager, Software Engineering, Kaiser Permanente

"It is obvious to me that you are doing something right!!"
~ Felix J. Washington, CEO, Chereese Records and Productions

"I sought instruction during a period when time was of the essence. I had the talent, but I lacked the confidence and focus needed to be the front person."
~ Holly C. Imler, Administrative Specialist, City of Carson

"Thank you so much for your patience and understanding for a fellow actor who is trying to make his way in the world in two completely different careers!"
~ Wright Sublette, Director of Technical Support, Earthlink

"Some of the skills you have taught me, such as ‘conviction’ and ‘vocal pattern variation’ have enabled me to have the confidence and ability to communicate with others in a more professional manner. My social life has also been affected by the wisdom you shared with me as your student. My ablility to ‘strike up a conversation’ has improved, as well as my overall level of self-esteem!""
~ Carmen M. Cross, Senior Pricing Analyst, Parsons Engineering

"My original intent was to hone my skills in voice-over. Did I enjoy the lessons? Yes! I looked forward to each session knowing that I would learn something new that would enable me to accomplish what I set out to do. As a result, I became an accomplished public speaker."
~ John Hoffman, President, Hoffman and Associates

Spectrum Vocal Dynamics™

Our portfolio features a variety of projects and services

Spectrum Vocal Dynamics™ is a methodology based on the age-old Chakra system.
It incorporates the seven colors [red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white]
in the visual light spectrum, hence the method's name.

Relative to vocal usage and dynamics, the colors present as follows:

Red = Fortissimo
Orange = Forte
Yellow = Mezzo-Forte
Green = Mezzo-Piano
Blue = Piano
Purple = Pianissimo
White = Triple Pianissimo

Bearing in mind that vocal dynamics are not limited to singing, this system can
be used theraputically to either "strengthen" or "finesse" vocal delivery--be
it to enhance singing ability, oration [public speaking], voice over or theatrical
presentation. There is no limit [or ceiling, as it were] to how a student may enhance their vocal ability by utilitizing these methods.


Looking for a Producer? Vocal Coaching? A new voice demo? We've got you covered!

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